Your People solutions Partner



The GIGG® is a people solutions partner serving cannabis companies globally. We are experts in staffing & recruitment, team building, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. 

Our expertise spans:

  • Cannabis, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Technology and Food & Beverage CPG/ FMCG industries

  • All company sizes from small startups to blue chip market-leaders.

  • All Operational, Technical, and Commercial functions.

  • All regions of the world.

What You are probably looking for is a search and staffing partner that…

  • Is experienced and truly understands and believes in the cannabis industry and your business.

  • Will rigorously vet candidates’ abilities, accomplishments, communication prowess, accountability, honesty, transparency, passion and grit.

  • Understands the unique nuances of the cannabis industry with a track record of success.

  • Has deep networks of genuine relationships with talented professionals in established industries.

  • Is highly accountable and committed to building your team and/or staffing your organization.

Consider this…


Most large recruitment agency teams are led by a client concierge. That is your hiring authority’s point of contact, but not the professional who is hard at work for you. There is a hand-off of your needs to other less accountable associates that are managing a desk full of projects without the necessary training, experience, incentives or direct exposure to the client partner.

Job boards and networks are important assets to the search process, but it is a big miss to rely on them so heavily that you are only given the opportunity to consider applicants or referrals vs. the entire candidate marketplace.

We thrive on building genuine relationships with our partners and candidates, and achieve this through an unwavering commitment to thoughtful guidance, transparency, follow-up and passion for what we do.