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Bryan Passman

founding partner

Bryan is the engineer of relationships and goodwill. He’s a connector with a trained eye for talent and "fit.” His outgoing nature, loyalty, work ethic and industry knowledge come together in his role as client and candidate relationship liaison, trainer, educator and advocate.  



Jessica Passman

founding partner

Jessica is the architect of process and flow. A self-professed “problem solver,” she thinks quick on her feet and isn’t afraid to step out of the box for solutions and strategies that help guide the firm’s day-to-day operations.

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Janine DePree

Recruitment Manager

Janine, aka The Ninja, earned her Ninja moniker through her background and ninja-esque ways. One of the main tasks of a ninja was to infiltrate by blending into their surroundings. While Janine certainly stands out in a crowd, she has an uncanny ability to move about with ease online and over the phone to deliver the right talent on time by infiltrating without being disruptive. 


Lindsey & Alexa Drucker

Marketing & Sourcing Interns

Both Alexa & Lindsey graduated magna cum laude from Miami Palmetto Senior High School. 

Lindsey studies marketing & psychology at Tulane University. With a passion for marketing, digital design, and print media, Lindsey intends to pursue a career in print media and marketing, utilizing communication design to spread awareness of sociological issues. 

Alexa is a freshman at the University of Vermont. As a passionate vegan, plant based advocate, and wellness enthusiast, she will pursue a career in environmentalism and plant-based nutrition.


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