Thank you to those that have taken the time to write testimonials to our work.


Andy V., Director of Florida Operations, national leader in medical marijuana

In my personal experiences with Bryan and his firm, The GIGG®, I found not just someone that works hard and gets a job done but someone who is incredibly and unceasingly passionate about what they do, the industry in which he works so diligently for, and the people he represents. The attention he gives his clients, the follow through and guidance is 100% top-tier. Always the consummate learner, he pays attention to every detail of what’s going on in the market to stay abreast of the needs of the people and firms he represents. If you’re looking for a firm to best represent you, you need not to look any further than Bryan Passman at The GIGG®.

Sharice W., General Manager of Delaware Operations, national leader in medical marijuana

Bryan is one of the best recruiters I have had the pleasure to work with in my professional career. When Bryan takes you on as a client he takes his time to really understand your needs and how they can be meant with the organization your aiming for. His attention to detail, and professionalism sets him apart from any other recruiter I have worked with. Bryan takes the time to help you be successful in any role you are aiming for, and you never feel unprepared or overwhelmed through the process. I credit Bryan with helping me land an amazing position with a wonderful organization, and I not only consider him an great mentor but also a friend.

Sally B., Global Regulatory, Quality & Operations Leader, medical device

I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan over the past several years in his role as Senior VP of Recruitment. Bryan is very connected in the life science/medical device community. He is very enjoyable to work with, but also very professional and thorough in providing top notch potential candidates to his clients. Bryan is very responsive and high energy. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great partner for talent acquisition.

Pete S., Owner, Regulatory Consulting, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics

I have worked with Bryan for several years as a client. He has always been very clear with opportunities presented to me; does not waste my time or his clients with presenting opportunities that are not a fit for either side. He is direct and to the point while still being friendly and courteous. Bryan is always a pleasure to work with and i look forward to working with him in the future. He is the first guy I call.

Jim S., Executive Quality Director, medical device industry

I've worked with Bryan as both a job seeker and a hiring manager. After being interviewed by a manager from another company, I was recommended as a strong candidate to Bryan's firm, who had helped him find a job in the past. Bryan approached me and we quickly developed a strong working relationship. Bryan was instrumental in helping me find an excellent job in 2009 in an expedited manner, because I had another job offer pending. The following year, after spending weeks with less expensive recruiting firms approved by our HR and not finding highly talented Sr QA Managerial candidates; I got special permission to work with Bryan and his firm again in spite of the higher expense. We quickly obtained resumes from Bryan and interviewed strong candidates of which I hired two for my expanding organization. Based on my experience, Bryan has a strong network to find talented candidates and he has good insight into companies and their culture to match them with best fitting candidates his firm represents. One of Bryan's key strengths is relationship building. Our relationship has grown beyond work…

Michael T., Senior Sales Manager, food & beverage CPG analytics company

Bryan helped me land an incredible opportunity... His attention to the small details that matter and amount of preparation was unmatched. He placed me in a great position to succeed and his follow up was incredible. I highly recommend Bryan for both his passion within the industry but also his willingness to give it to you straight!

Chris S., Entrepreneur  

5 Start Service - prompt, knowledgeable and clear. Jessica is extremely professional and helped me in my endeavors. I thank you personally very much and rest assured I will contact you again.

Sean D., Business Owner

Jessica was very fast answering our questions, she keeps things very simple and clear. Job was done smoothly and in the perfect time. We will definitely work together again.

Marina C., Owner and Designer

I had the honor of working with Jessica Passman. She is very punctual and an effective communicator. Her work is excellent and impeccable. I would highly recommend her. She exceeded my expectations. Jessica, thank you so much!


Susanne M., Quality & Compliance Expert/ Auditor, medical devices

Bryan is a dedicated professional with a commitment to good communication and personal integrity. It's always a pleasure and rewarding experience to collaborate with Bryan.

John M., Director of Quality Engineering, medical device industry leader

Great recruiter! Understands the medical device business, players, and is well connected. Effectively communicated the challenges of the role and key preparation areas. Has a strong grasp of quality and quality leadership positions.

Ruben P., Senior Director Manufacturing, medical device and drug delivery industry leader

My experience with Exec recruiters is all over the place. It’s hard to get in touch with them. Fortunately this is not the case with Bryan. I can always count on his follow up within a short period of time.


Scott C., Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, medical device global leader

I have had the chance to speak with Bryan a number of times over the past few years. I am impressed with how Bryan really has his finger on the pulse of the Medical Device Industry (trends, culture, etc.). Also, he is a great listener and seeks to understand the needs of companies and prospective employees.

Patricia T., PH.D, Regulatory Affairs Fellow, healthcare industry leader

I had the privilege to work with Bryan last year and found in him a recruiter seeking to know and understand the professional as much as the person in order to find the best match between company and jobseeker. Throughout the process, Bryan stayed connected and kept me up-to-date, was approachable with any questions and easy to work with. I appreciated Bryan’s knowledge, insight and advice as much as his honesty, openness and directness. Thank you!


Karin V., Director, Quality Systems & Training, biotech

Bryan certainly knows the Q&R industry and ensures the right talent fit for the opportunities available. His expertise and professionalism lend him a high degree of credibility and reliability with those he works for and with.     

Chance D., Sr. Director of Operations, biotech

I recommend Bryan without hesitation. Bryan and I have worked together over the past 7 years, and he has consistently been a valuable asset to me professionally when I am filling positions on my team. He has the ability to quickly and thoroughly understand my requirements as a customer, and his formidable experience allows him to tailor his interaction with me to meet those requirements. Ethically, Bryan shows skill in his craft by only providing candidates to me who meet my requirements and who Bryan knows to be excellent choices for me and my organization. Finally, he provides the “right touch” by not being overwhelming in volume of calls or emails, but also not disappearing when most needed. He seems to find the right balance and is readily at hand when I am in need.

Frank S., Executive Vice President, CPG industry

Bryan is very professional and dedicated to his work. His attention to detail and follow through are outstanding. He takes care of all the details from A to Z and his guidance is one that should be emulated by peers in his industry. I would not hesitate to endorse Bryan...

Lynda H., Managing Partner & Shareholder

Jessica is a great leader, a bright lawyer and a consumate professional. She is insightful, creative and committed to obtaining successful outcomes in all her endeavors. I highly recommend her.

Michelle Q., Sales executive

Jessica is an incredible professional to work with and report directly to. She is quick and thinks on her feet fast which is essential when everything is constantly changing. She is a great Manager and allows people to work independently yet is able to continue to provide support and guidance as needed. I truly enjoy working with Jessica. I highly recommend her as a Boss and colleague.

Jose J., Director WW Design Control Systems, Risk Management & Human Factors, global healthcare leader

Bryan knows the medical device industry very well. His assessments of opportunities, job requirements and talent required are right on.

Nitin P., Vice President Quality Assurance, global medical device leader

Bryan is a true professional with excellent knowledge of the Medical Device QA recruiting arena. He is truthful and honest when it comes to looking at your candidature for a certain position. I trust Bryan to only bring the right opportunities for consideration. He is a pleasure to converse with even outside of work related topics.

Christine E., Global Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs/Compliance, lab & sciences leader

Bryan conducts his work and manages his clients very professionally. He is very reliable and consistently provides very sensible, timely advisement. Bryan is an excellent communicator and stays current with his customers throughout the recruiting process and beyond. I would recommend Bryan for anyone who is seeking an expert recruiter who is easy to work with and can deliver prompt results.

Carla S., Vice President Quality & Regulatory, medical devices

Bryan is personable, and is very knowledgeable in the medical device space. He is responsive and reliable. If he makes a commitment, he delivers. He anticipates your needs and provides assistance over and above expectations. He is respectful of your time and keeps in touch without over doing it. I will continue to have Bryan as a preferred source in the future.

Michael V., Senior Director Quality & Technical Services, global pharmaceutical and API leader

I was recently asked to provide the name of several recruiters to help source a new position. Bryan's name was the first on the list! I feel strongly that, over the years, he has always treated me fairly and with both honesty and integrity. To me this is a non-negotiable trait that Bryan has demonstrated time and again!

James K., Executive Director, molecular diagnostic testing leader

Bryan's expertise as a recruiter is truly remarkable. If there is something that Bryan does not know about the medical device world then it probably is not worth knowing, He has an amazing wealth of contacts and has earned my respect.

Pete S., Medical Devices and in vitro diagnostics Quality/Regulatory consulting business owner

I have worked with Bryan for several years as a client. He has always been very clear with opportunities presented to me; does not waste my time or his clients with presenting opportunities that are not a fit for either side. He is direct and to the point while still being friendly and courteous. Bryan is always a pleasure to work with and i look forward to working with him in the future. he is the first guy I call.

Paul D., Manager Quality Assurance, medical device

Bryan and I have had an excellent business relationship since 2000, I believe his ability to build and maintain these long-term relationships sets him apart. His excellent knowledge of the industry & related trends is of great value, as well his personal qualities such as attention to detail, courtesy/ respect, & responsiveness. I would feel comfortable recommending him to any colleagues as a trusted resource.

Mary L., Senior Quality/ Regulatory Compliance Consultant, medical devices

I always enjoyed working with Bryan on job searches and found him to be knowledgeable of the market.

John M., Director of Quality Engineering, global medical device leader

Great recruiter! Understands the medical device business, players, and is well connected. Effectively communicated the challenges of the role and key preparation areas. Has a strong grasp of quality and quality leadership positions.

Janine D., Research & Sourcing Manager, executive search

Bryan is a great mentor. He will push anyone he works with to be their best because they will be inspired by his own level of commitment. He is very detail-oriented and holds a high standard in everything he does. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about his work.

Caitlin D., Recruitment Manager, executive search

I worked for Bryan in the summer of 2015. Bryan was not only a fantastic manager, but a great mentor who truly pushed me out of my comfort zone. His attention for detail, follow through, and overall passion for the industry made him a manager that I truly strived to emulate.

Chip T., Recruitment Manager, executive search

Bryan is a pleasure to work with. He has an outstanding work ethic and is always honest and transparent in all situations. Bryan has 16 years of recruiting experience and truly knows how to deal with people and getting things done.